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Experience the ultimate convenience of cleanliness with our Sweeping Robot! This device effortlessly tackles your cleaning tasks, providing you with a clean and tranquil home environment.

Sweeping Robot

Presenting the pinnacle of cleaning convenience – our Sweeping Robot! Equipped with intelligent obstacle-avoidance capabilities, efficient rotary wiping, and USB charging, cleaning your home has never been this effortless. With its compact design, it can expertly navigate tight spaces, while a single charge offers over half an hour of continuous cleaning.

Sweeping Robot

Meet our Sweeping Robot – home cleaning at its finest! With smart obstacle avoidance, efficient wiping, and USB charging, it handles tight spaces, offering over half an hour of cleaning on a single charge.

Sweeping robot

Discover a new standard in home cleaning with our 3-in-1 sweeping robot. With advanced technology and intelligent design, this robot adapts to your home’s unique needs, providing a tailored cleaning experience.

Smart Navigation

Utilizing advanced algorithms to avoids obstacles, and reaches even the most challenging areas.

High Efficiency

Cleaning power while minimizing energy consumption, it utilizes optimized cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Advanced filtration systems, to remove embedded dirt, dust, and allergens


Plastic + Electronic Components


22*16cm (Please allow a 1-3cm margin)


310g (Please allow a 5g margin of error)

Running time

40+ Minutes on full charge.

Battery capacity



USB Charging (Charging Cable Included)


Intelligent Steering Around Obstacles

360° Coverage

Cleanliness with 360° Coverage

Get Yours Today!

Why wait? Our revolutionary Sweeping Robot is ready to transform your cleaning routine. No more manual cleaning or time-consuming chores – our Sweeping Robot does the job while you sit back and relax. But don’t just take our word for it – get yours today and experience the difference!

Smart Cleaning

New era of cleaning with our intelligent Sweeping Robot! Designed to navigate effortlessly. Whether it’s the office space requiring a tidy up, the kitchen needing a quick clean, or the children’s room that could use some attention, this smart device is equipped to handle it all. Experience convenience like never before

Easy and efficient

Perfect for various environments –  this versatile device ensures a clean and tidy space, effortlessly. Don’t just clean, smart-clean with our Sweeping Robot. Make it a part of your home or workspace today!

- Johannes
"Impressed with the robot's efficiency, it swept my home spotless - exceeded expectations."
- Mette
"Absolutely loving the robot, it combines practicality with advanced tech, making cleaning a breeze."
- Esben
"Incredibly satisfied with this sweeping robot - it's reliable, thorough and time-saving."